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“You are your hero.”

– Felicia Dooley

Felicia Dooley is a Professional Speaker, visionary, inventor, Entrepreneur and Thought Leader.

She is a veteran NYS Law Enforcement Officer with over 1 decade of experience.

She’s not only passionate about motivating lives but believes it’s just as equally important to create actionable steps towards positive transformation.

From struggling to find her identity in people, places and things she found herself to always being at odds with social society.

Since becoming an entrepreneur it has been a journey to stop living life on an outward defense. Instead, Felicia started living life inwardly by discovering what it is really means to find your purpose.

Felicia’s courage and determination has inspired people and helped countless audiences’ breakthrough, to discover their own untapped value and infinite potential.

For years, she has had the privilege of working with organizations to share powerful messages on overcoming obstacles while facing adversity, building resilience, eliminating peer pressure and embracing change, and succeeding during uncertain times.

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Felicia’s Program:

You Are Your Hero

In life, there are two ways to live, you can decide to be the villain or the hero. We live in a society where there are many people who live with an imposter syndrome. Or simply with the unawareness of identity. This leads to anxiety, severe depression and mental disorders, especially in young people. During the school assembly, Felicia will challenge your students to ask themselves, “If you can embrace who you are and the difference you make in the world, who can you save?”. This can lead to a year-round theme for your school.

Learning Outcomes Include:

Develop a resilient mindset even while facing rejection

Eliminate peer-pressure by embracing your unique identity

Develop strategies that reduce distractive habits and negative behaviors

Develop strategies that make learning easier and more effective